• Enrollment Questions

    • How do I apply to the program?

    • What is your admission process?

    • How many students are admitted into the program per year?

    • Does the program have a wait list?

    • What is the minimum GPA for program admission?

    • Do you have a wait list, and if so, does the wait list automatically roll over to the following year?

    • When does the program begin?

    • How do I apply for financial aid?

    • What does the ideal candidate for admission into the radiologic technology program look like?

    • Are there any prerequisites?

    • I am a student with previous college experience; who do I meet with to talk about what credits will count toward this program?

    • Will pregnancy prevent me from being accepted into the program or require me to drop out of the program?

  • After Program Admittance

    • Do I have to job shadow?

    • Are students permitted to work while in the radiography program?

    • Do I have to do a background check?

    • I know I don’t have a clean background check; how does that affect acceptance into the program?

    • What is the minimum course grade I must achieve while in the program?

    • What is the minimum course grade I must achieve while in the program?

    • What hospitals can I go to for clinical education?

  • General Questions

    • Can I do the program part-time?

    • Is the program online?

    • Does Kettering College have a mammography program?

    • Can I continue and get a bachelor degree?

    • What is advanced imaging?

    • Is a national certification exam required for radiography?

    • What career options do I have with this degree?

    • Does the radiography program monitor radiation exposure received by students?

    • Are there limits to radiation exposure that a student can receive? If so, what are they?

    • What is the credit and contact hour relationship for classroom, laboratory and clinical courses?


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