Updated Registration and Payment Deadline for online transactions ... Learn More

Updated Registration and Payment Deadline for online transactions

Dear Students,

As we gear up for another exciting academic year, we would like to provide you with some important updates regarding registration and payment deadlines. It is crucial that you carefully review the following information to ensure a smooth and hassle-free start to the upcoming semester.

Registration Deadline:

We kindly request all students to complete their registration process by July 18, 2023. Please note that online registration will be temporarily closed between July 18 and August 21, so it is imperative that you complete this process within the specified timeframe.

Payment Deadline:

We kindly request that all tuition and fee payments be made by July 27, 2023. By adhering to this deadline, you will ensure that your financial obligations are met and that your enrollment remains active for the upcoming semester. It is important to note that online payments cannot be made between noon on July 27 and August 21. Therefore, we strongly urge you to complete your payments before the specified date to avoid any inconveniences.

We understand that there may be exceptional circumstances or financial constraints that could impact your ability to meet these deadlines. In such cases, we encourage you to reach out to our Financial Aid office at the earliest opportunity.

We appreciate your attention to these important matters, and we look forward to welcoming you back to campus for the start of a new academic year. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Student Success Center

Student Success Information

Kettering College offers many forms of support to students. Academic support and tutoring are available to help students with class work. There is an entire writing center dedicated to assisting student’s with all written assignments. Counseling and career services are also available to all students as well.

    • Academic Support and Tutoring

      Our academic support coordinator is available to assist you in your learning and your adjustment to college and campus life. Peer tutoring, workshops, forming effective study groups for quizzes and exams, and self-help resources are among the options available in the Academic Support Center.

      Support Services

      • Tutoring
      • Time management
      • Study strategies
      • Learning styles assessment
      • Test taking skills
      • Stress management
      • Accommodations for students with documented disabilities
      • Title IX office

      Free tutorial services are available in a variety of subjects on a walk-in basis and by appointment; individual coaching sessions also are available. Additional accommodations are available for students with documented disabilities.

      Support Mission

      The mission of the Academic Support Center is to:

      1. Empower students to develop effective strategies for learning
      2. Help students discover learning styles to enhance academic success
      3. Assist students in transitioning to the requirements of college
      4. Support students in setting educational, personal, and professional goals
    • Writing Support and Tutoring

      The Kettering College Writing Center offers students the opportunity to work on various projects in one-on-one conferences with trained tutors. We offer these sessions both in our center and online via our scheduling service. Make an appointment below or come see us in person. We are located within the Academic Support Department.

      What we do:
      Our goals are for students to develop as writers and thinkers and to help with projects of all kinds including research papers, scholarship essays, medical/dental school application essays, resumes and cover letters, speeches and presentations, multimodal projects, and APA formatting. We are happy to help with these projects at any stage of the process including brainstorming, outlining, revision, or even practicing the timing and delivery of presentations.

      What we don’t do:
      We will not proofread your papers or correct your grammar/mechanics for you. Instead, we are here to help you learn how to improve your own writing. We will help identify areas that you could improve on, including grammatical errors, and help you understand how to make corrections on immediate and future writing tasks.

      APA Resources
      KC APA Guide
      APA Template Download
      APA Library Resources
      APA Style Blog

      Multimodel Project Resources and Examples:
      Multimodel Terms
      Prezi: The Walking Dead
      Prezi: Children and Tablets

    • Student Success Coaching

      Our Mission:The Student Success Coaching Program seeks to engage with all students to develop the necessary skills and tools to create a thriving experience at Kettering College. We embrace each student’s culture, values, and lived experiences while holistically supporting each student’s whole person, body, mind, and spirit.Our Purpose:The Student Success Coaching program at Kettering College is designed to help pre-program students (students not yet accepted into their academic program of choice) navigate college, learn time management and study strategies, and achieve a balance between personal and professional obligations. The coaching program also aims to track student progress at a granular level, alerting and addressing potential barriers that would lead to program progression issues.

      Student Success Coaches:


      Dan Schoun
      Title: Director of Academic Advising
      Phone:(937) 395-8601 x55658

      Ivan Riapolov
      Student Success Coach
      Email: Ivan.Riapolov@ketteringhealth.org


      Courtney Sewell
      Title: Pre-Nursing Coach
      Email: Courtney.Sewell@kc.edu
      Phone:(937) 395-8601 x55619


      Brittany Seeger
      Title: Associate Director of Student Success


    • Meet the Tutors

      We have a wide variety of tutors to choose from that are wanting and willing to help you with your needs. Click here to see the tutors.

    • Student Success Rewards Program

      We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Student Success Rewards Program, making its debut in fall Semester 2023!

      Seamlessly merging achievement with excitement, this initiative empowers you to earn points for each success coach appointment, tutoring session, and group review you attend. As you accumulate points, you’ll unlock a world of perks and prizes.

      Your journey to success has never been this much fun!

      Rewards Program Tier Chart 

In addition to the resources housed in the Student Success Center, Kettering College offers its students free access to tutor.com. Graduate-level Academic Writing, Life Skills and Study Skills are among the wide range of general topics offered through tutor.com, and several Kettering College courses have been course mapped to allow for targeted assistance. This resource can be accessed via the Library Resources tab in the Student Canvas Dashboard

Contact Us

Director of Disability Services
Title IX Coordinator
Laura Kosch
Email: laura.kosch@kc.edu
Phone: (937) 395-8601 x55646

Associate Director of Student Success
Brittany Seeger
Email: Brittany.Seeger@ketteringhealth.org


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