1098-T Form Information

1098-T Form Information:

Students may have noticed a change to the Heartland ECSI student website. Previously, students had the ability to access their tax forms directly from the home page without a Heartland ECSI profile. Students are still able to access their tax form without creating a profile by accessing the tax document lookup page HERE.

If the student would like to create a profile to access his or her tax document, the instructions to create a profile, as well as the student’s Heartland Key, are included in the email Heartland ECSI sends to a student when his or her tax statement is ready. We have included those instructions below for your reference.

You can access your 1098-T statement quickly and easily by visiting https://heartland.ecsi.net/ using one of the following methods:

If you already have a profile with Heartland ECSI, please sign in.  If you have not yet connected your tax statements to your account, you will need to connect them using your Heartland Key.  Simply click on the Connect An Account button and enter your tax statement Heartland Key.  The Heartland Key for your tax statements is XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX.

If you have not registered for an account, click on the Sign In or Register button in the upper right side of the page.  Complete the registration section to create your profile and then connect your tax account by entering your Heartland Key.  The Heartland Key for your tax statements is XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX.

In the event that a student does not have the email containing their Heartland Key, he or she can simply contact our Customer Service Department at 1.866.428.1098 or via LiveChat from the Heartland ECSI student website. The student will need to provide basic information to authenticate his or her identity, and the Heartland Key will be provided.


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