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Information Technology and Computers

Computers play a significant role in health care today.  They are also a powerful tool to help you learn, research, and collaborate.  Computers are available in various areas of the campus.  You can use them to do your homework, check and send email, print documents, and research the Internet.

Where are campus computers available?
Student portal
Student e-mail
Canvas online course delivery system
Using personal laptops on campus or in the dorms
Acceptable use policy and other legal stuff
If all else fails…

Our IT Help Desk – At Your Service

If you are struggling with a computer issue or just have a question about software, feel free to contact our IT Help Desk.  You may want to add it to your favorites or bookmarks. PLEASE NOTE: All of the contact information for the IT Help Desk recently changed!  If you bookmarked their website, please click the link above and update your bookmarks.

The IT Help Desk can be reached by the following methods:

  1. The IT Help Desk website at
  2. Email:
  3. Phone (voice or text): (937) 203-8303
  4. IM (Google Talk): kcithelpdesk
  5. Twitter: @kcithelpdesk

We welcome your suggestions, and as always, we are at your service.


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