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Our goal is to provide students with convenient and cost-effective education solutions.  We’re proud to partner with MBS Direct, who will fulfill your course material needs and power our virtual bookstore.

Winter 2019 books go on sale on October 29, 2018..
Summer 2019 books go on sale March 11, 2019.

MBS Direct will email book voucher information to federal financial aid recipients on or shortly after November 21, 2018. Summer 2019 book voucher information will be emailed on or shortly after March 27, 2019. The MBS emails will be sent to your Kettering College email account. For more information on the bookstore voucher process please visit Using Finance Vouchers Through Online Bookstore.

MBS Direct offers streamlined ordering of course materials and offers seven ways to reduce textbooks costs.  You have access to a robust selection of e-book options that will advance student learning.

We work closely with MBS Direct, so you will always find the correct textbooks and materials.  In fact, each textbook ordered, whether print or digital, is guaranteed to be delivered on time and be the exact version required by the teacher.

There are countless benefits of the virtual bookstore:

  • Convenience – all textbooks in one place
  • Affordable options – save up to 95% with programs such as marketplace, guaranteed buyback, rental and more
  • Payment options – credit cards, student financial aid, PayPal
  • Textbook formats – used, new and rental textbooks in print and digital
  • Customer loyalty program – more buyback money
  • Shipping – Students enjoy $4.95 flat rate shipping on all orders year round. Excludes Marketplace orders.

How to use the online bookstore.

Order Your Books Online!

If you need assistance at any time during your online book ordering, contact the MBS Direct Help Center.

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Online Uniforms

Department-required student uniforms are available for purchase online at

Newly admitted program students who receive federal financial aid can click here for instructions on how to purchase uniforms with a financial aid voucher.

Order Your Uniforms Online!

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