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  • Eban De Matteo_LAY_3532

    “As a physician assistant student at Kettering College, I have received a well-rounded education and numerous opportunities to grow as a healthcare professional. I take pride in going beyond what is expected so we can provide better care for our patients and our community. Receiving this scholarship shows that the Kettering community is proud of us, supports us, and believes in what we are doing as PA students. I am extremely humbled and express my sincerest gratitude for being awarded the Eva R. Miller Scholarship.”

    Eban De Matteo ‘17
    Physician Assistant
    Eva R. Miller Scholarship 

    H Reece_LAY_3558

    “I’ve always known that my path in life is to help people. Despite the passion I have for my future career, I was beginning to become discouraged. Working full time, clinicals and class made me question my ability to balance it all. The Richard Longacre scholarship has afforded me time to focus on being a student and a future healthcare provider. I cannot begin to express enough gratitude for what this scholarship has done for me.

    Hannah Reece ‘17
    Richard Longacre Memorial Scholarship

  • R Bartlett_LAY_3541

    The scholarship came at a time when I was in serious financial hardship. It was an answer to earnest prayer. It allowed me to continue with my classes, and to divide my focus solely between my family and my studies, instead of having to add employment in that split. Thank you for becoming a part of my success story! ” 

    Rachel Bartlett ‘17
    Eva R. Miller Scholarship 



    “On behalf of the Sonography program at Kettering College, I would just like to express how much I appreciate receiving this scholarship. The sonography program at Kettering College is a very rigorous, demanding program, but an extremely rewarding one at that. The impact of this scholarship on my life is immeasurable, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to pursue my education and my passions. ” 

    Lee Hammond ‘17
    Fred & Alice Wallace Scholarship 

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For more information about how you can give to Kettering College and its mission, contact Monica Meilinger, Director of Annual Giving at (937) 395-8607.


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