Nursing Program Sees Increase in Rankings

The nursing department at Kettering College has seen a rise in NCLEX-RN pass rates over the past year, because of strategic curriculum improvements to the nursing program.

For the 2016 April to September reporting period of those who took the NCLEX-RN examination within the state of Ohio, Kettering College ranked 15th out of 92. In 2015, they ranked 44th out of 89. Kettering College’s rank of the program is based on the percentage of graduates passing.

“I am bursting at the seams with these statistics and cannot be more proud of the hard work and dedication of our team of nursing faculty,” said Deleise Wilson, director of the Division of Nursing.

The nursing program also increased their ranking within the United States in 2016 with 528 out of 1946, whereas the previous year they ranked 1200 out of 1947.

Improvements in individual course outcomes with no failures in several classes have been attributed to the strategic curriculum changes the nursing staff has made this past year.

Changes such as applying flipped classroom pedagogy, and the introduction of ATI remediation modules in the last semester for seniors; and the collaboration with academic student support department, of an early detection and intervention plan implemented for students with ESL, ADA and tutoring needs. These key changes also led to a significant increase in the NCLEX-RN pass rates from a national average of 84.53% to 93%.

The nursing program was also recently ranked by, the #14 program in the state of Ohio.


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