Ohio Governor Reappoints Kettering College Respiratory Care Program Chair to Board

Ohio Governor, John Kasich recently reappointed Nancy Colletti, Respiratory Care program chair at Kettering College, to serve for the next three years on Ohio Respiratory Care Board.

Two years ago, Colletti filled a vacant position on the board. She was recently contacted about the reappointment, to which she accepted. As a member of the Ohio Respiratory Board, Colletti mostly works with inquiries or complaints from other healthcare providers or family members who have questions about the scope of practice. “It’s very humbling to sit on this board and make these decisions,” Colletti said.

Colletti’s appointment gives Kettering College recognition on a state level. Being appointed to this board has also given Colletti a unique perspective as to what is happening in the state of Ohio regarding the advancement of respiratory therapy in the education realm. “It allows me to see what is happening and to know what other folks are doing, which helps us to better educate our students,” Colletti said. “It’s knowing what’s happening not just Kettering, Ohio, but what is happening in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.”

Being on the board gives Colletti a political scope as well. A few months ago, a decision was made—out of budgetary constraint—that was included in a budget bill. The decision allowed lay persons employed by the Department of Developmental Disabilities to administer medications and certain therapies to people who live in a small group home setting. These practices were specific to nursing and respiratory care practice. Knowing those constraints, then allowed those on the board, including Colletti, to create and design specific training to ensure these lay people are administering the therapies correctly. “I would have never thought a budget bill could significantly impact healthcare being provided, especially to the most vulnerable people in our society,” Colletti said.

There are 22 respiratory care programs and over 8,000 licensed respiratory therapists in the state of Ohio. Unique to respiratory therapy licenses in Ohio, students who are currently enrolled in a respiratory care program and are in good standing can receive a limited license, where they can work as a student therapist, part time, in a hospital. Their work capabilities are based on what they’ve learned in the classroom.

Colletti will serve on the board until May of 2020.

About Respiratory Care at Kettering College

Kettering College offers a three-year Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care. This degree is designed to prepare students to prepare students to function with intelligence, skills, and behaviors of a registered therapist. The Respiratory Care program at Kettering College was named as a “Best Respiratory Therapist Schools” for the 2016-2017 school year. Due to the demand of respiratory therapists, Kettering College is offering a Respiratory Care Program scholarship for up to two years to qualified first-time, full-time, degree-seeking Respiratory Care students. For more information, visit the Respiratory Care Program page. 

About Kettering College
Kettering College is a fully accredited, coeducational college that specializes in health science education.  A division of Kettering Medical Center, the College is located on the KMC campus in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio, and is chartered by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Kettering College offers an Occupational Therapy Doctoral program, a Master of Physician Assistant, Bachelor and Associate of Science degrees, and certificate programs.



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