Scholarship Giving Opportunities

You Can Create Scholarships

You can help Kettering College recruit and retain students with superior academic achievement.  By passing on the spirit of giving and caring that Kettering College embodies, you make a student’s dream come true.  Download a brochure that outlines our scholarship giving opportunities.


Two Ways to Give

Scholarships are a popular way of supporting our students especially for benefactors who prefer to restrict their gift to a specific program or purpose.  Scholarships are created in one of two ways:

1. Annually renewable giving

An annual scholarship is given each year.  The amount of the gift received annually is the amount of the scholarship.  Annual scholarships may be changed to an endowed scholarship at the wishes of the donor.

2. Endowments that support scholarships now and in the future

An endowed scholarship is a perpetual scholarship, and a minimum of $10,000 is required.  This support level can be reached through a single gift or in stages over a period of up to four years.  Once $10,000 is reached, an award will be given to a student based on the fund’s earnings.  We ensure consistent awarding of earnings while the principal amount is invested so it will continue to grow.
With either type of scholarship you help us establish the criteria or guidelines for the scholarship.  You will receive all student acknowledgements.

Do you want to know more?

To discuss the many possibilities for designing scholarships that reflect your interests, call Kathryn Keyes, Director of College Development at (937) 395-8607.


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