Questions About Financial Aid

Financial Aid FAQs

  • Loans

    • 1. What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized Direct Loans?

    • 2. Why do I need to complete Entrance Loan Counseling?

    • 3. Why do I need to complete Exit Loan Counseling?

    • 4. Why hasn't my Direct Loan been credited to my student account? 

    • 5. Why hasn't my Perkins or Nursing Loan been disbursed?

    • 6. Why hasn't my Direct PLUS Loan been disbursed?

    • 7. How do I receive my Alternative Loan funds?

    • 8. How do I increase/reduce my Direct Loan amount?

    • 9. Why was I offered this amount in a Direct Loan?

    • 10. I'm trying to complete Entrance Counseling, but I don't have an FSA ID.   What do I do?

  • Disbursement

    • 1. How and when will my financial aid be disbursed?

    • 2. How/why do I get a refund check?

    • 3. How much will my refund check be?

    • 4. When will I receive my refund check?

    • 5. Why hasn't my financial aid been applied to my student account?

    • 6. What will happen to my financial aid if I drop a class after the drop/add period? 

    • 7. What will happen if I withdraw from Kettering College?

  • Awarding

    • 1. What is an overaward?

    • 2. Why is my financial aid different this year than last year?

    • 3. Can I have more aid?

    • 4. How is my financial need determined?

    • 5. What is the maximum income limit for financial aid?

    • 6. When will I get an award letter?

    • 7. Who is eligible for aid?

    • 8. Are international students eligible for financial aid?

    • 9. Why is the financial aid KC offered different than the aid I was offered at other schools?

    • 10. I am going to transfer to Kettering College, what do I need to do?

    • 11. How many credit hours do I need to take to receive my financial aid?

    • 12. My sibling attends another school, why is my aid different?

  • Applying for Aid

    • 1. How do I apply for financial aid?

    • 2. What is the priority deadline?

    • 3. What is a Student Aid Report (SAR) and do I need to send it back?

    • 4. How can I be considered independent?

    • 5. Can I appeal my dependency?

    • 6. Does Kettering College accept Veteran Educational benefits?

    • 7. How much does it cost to attend Kettering College?

  • Verification

    • 1. What is the verification process and why must I complete it?

    • 2. My Student Aid Report (SAR) states that I am selected for verification, what do I need to do?

    • 3. Do I have to complete verification?

    • 4. How long will the verification process take?

  • Special Circumstances/Change of Income

    • 1. What can I do if my financial situation changes after I apply for aid?

    • 2. I (or my parents) have divorced since I filed my FAFSA, what can I do?

    • 3. How long does the change of income review take?

    • 4. How do I request a review of my family's special circumstances due to a change in income?

  • Purchasing Books, Supplies, and Equipment

    • 1. Can I purchase my books, supplies, and equipment with my financial aid?

  • Additional FAQs

    • What do I need to do if I am a first time loan borrower?

    • Where do I go for a Parent PLUS Loan for the first time?

    • What do I do if I am a graduate student borrowing the Graduate PLUS loan for the first time?

How to Contact Us

General Information 1-800-433-5262 OR (937) 395-8601 

Admissions   (937) 395-8628
Fax: (937) 395-8338

Student Finance
Fax: (937) 395-8338

General financial aid questions  Melissa Franklin – (937) 395-6022

Financial aid award questions  
Shannon Hammons – (937) 395-8040

Student accounts  Sarah Shultz – (937) 395-8610

Student employment Sarah Shultz – (937) 395-8610

Veteran benefits  Melissa Franklin– (937) 395-6022

Registrar & Records  Fax: (937) 395-8338

General information / records / scheduling  Barbara Satterfield – (937) 395-6615

Transfer credit  Josie Burns – (937) 395-8689

Student Housing (937) 395-8601 x55665 Fax: (937) 395-8338



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